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    So a year ago I was a Honda noob a friend taught me a lot, now I am just a lesser Honda noob but i thought it would be cool to post my build.... Updates Soon!
  2. Canada
    Hey guys. As some of you know. I did my BOH last week. It didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to. I picked up another set of OEM headlights today. I've decided to keep the OEM look. These BOH do need to be re-sealed. I don't want to bother to re-do them again. This offer is only...
  3. Members Rides
    My next project Gotta wait for some new HIDs before I can throw in the BOH
  4. Members Rides
    Well I finally got around to do boh on my ES1..Here are quick cell phone pics of how they turned out..
  5. Members Rides
    My Civic arrived today and I decided to get rid of it. I figured since I was deep in Hillybilly Hell, I need to adapt to my surroundings. You know, blend in a little. Mix with the local yokals. Get back to my roots. So I traded it even up for this 91 Nissan Hardbody mini-truck. It's baller yo...
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    i like clear better....boh is played imho
  7. Members Rides
    sorry about the crappy pics, tornado coming, so shitty weather, better pics up tomorrow
  8. General Talk
    Today after school im going to attempt to rattle can the housing of the 7thgen, and my plan is to do a lite grit (400) or so, then go over the area with a sticky adhesive called Bulldog. I heard this shit is expensive (15$ for a can) but works magic. Ill just be using it in place of a basic...
  9. BOH

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    So when you BOH, what type of paint seems to work best? I have flat black, gloss black, pretty much any black, just didn't know if there was a color/brand/type that worked the best Thanks
  10. Members Rides
    As promised i got my headlights done last night. a buddy of mine from club lexus helped me with we went out little bit ago and took some pics of the headlights. then said fck it and went ahead and did a little mini shoot with his sc300. let me know what ya think....
  11. BOH

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    lets see some 01-03's w/ boh. i'd like to see some SSM's w/ it and see what was painted. either whole piece, not parking, not turn signal, not parking and signal....ya get the idea. thanks
1-11 of 11 Results