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  1. Members Rides
    (Why is the first post always on the last page of a thread thats more then 1 page long??lol) I've been a member, but in the shadows. I like this forum in general because there are alot of mixed ideas for what people want their car to represent which is cool. There's some pretty unique stuff...
  2. Canada
    When : 06/26/2009 Where: Blue Moutain Initial Meeting spot 9:00AM Airport Road and Mayfield Road Sunoco / Tim Hortons...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Wuts up family.. I got a little issue with my new HID setup. I recently purchased the 10000k bi-xenon kit from and after installing I noticed that the driver side light is purple and the passenger side is blue.. is there any solutions to this crazy problem? please help me!!:sadwavey:
  4. Off-Topic
    Check this site out guys Honda and the agency that created this site really outdid themselves.
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So I've been thinking about getting some Mag Blue TE37 and lowering my car some more, but would Mag Blue be too much for my car? Need some opinions guys. Here's a few chops that I did on my car... Right now I have White Advan RG, but they're a hassle keeping them clean. I was also...
  6. General Talk
    taped up the front end and mirrors. driving to nc on tuesday to visit the moms. its stock but i want my daily driver as nice as it can be. rock chips ftl. the green garage door, behind it is where the civic is hibernating. =( she will be out again one day. and oh yeah lol
  7. Members Rides
    Im sure alot of you have seen pics of my car with the really bad faded carbon fiber hood.. Well i decided to get this done with the hood and the trunk.. Im only getting charged 300 bucks which is a good deal.. Its gonna look sick.. Candy Clear Coat.. Thats Not A Part For My Car.. Thats just the...
  8. General Talk
    I know its been asked alot for a red "H" decal for a steering wheel. But im asking if there is maybe a blue "H" decal for the steering wheel and if so, where can i get one?!
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hiya :wave: i have an 04 civic ex coupe manual and im 17 just wanted to say wats up
  10. Members Rides
    figured the Rallye Red 7th gens were cool enough to have a thread, I figured we were too. Lets go, post 'em up...
  11. General Talk
    Finally picked up a lip for my car. HID's were installed a few weeks ago. Great kit, happy with the results of both. Taken with a shitty, really shitty camera in equally shitty locations. Picked up the lip from Pope this afternoon and couldn't wait to install it...
  12. Suspension
    hi does anybody know the difference between the tokico blues and kayaba gr-2 shocks? i know that they are gas-shocks and non-adjustable but what's the best combination with 1.6inches lowering springs??? i am not sure which i should buy.i need suggestions.plese help thx kev
  13. General Talk
    Does anyone have pictures of this? Color doesn't really matter I guess. I can get either for $60 from a local supplier, I'm torn between both and can't find any pictures. Thanks!
  14. Off-Topic
    No, seriously. It's for Fish Camp, Texas A&M's freshman orientation program. I'm a counselor, and my camp's color is blue. Obviously.
  15. General Talk
    does anyone here have black rims with a blue lip under SSM ? I wanna see what their car looks like.
  16. Members Rides
    Just got my car out of the shop on tuesday. i dont thin the rims match very well with the new paint, so im planning on getting some new ones soon. and im not sure if i will leave the tail lights black either, opinions are welcomed.
  17. General Talk
    Was wondering if there are anyone here with blue em2's with black rims on them and if there are could you post them because i want to see what my car would look like if i buy some black rims for the car.
  18. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Yeah i bought some new rims and went with the gold Drag d-19 17inch rims. I wanted the refreshing look that no other car nor civic looks like mine. I mean everyone does the whole black rims and dark tint and so on and my civic would look like another blue civic with black rims lol. But anyways...
  19. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So i am saving up now for some new wheels for the vic. They have the 7-spoke 2000 si wheels on it right now. At first i was going to go with a gold. I think the eternal blue and gold would look nice, but then i thought about bronze. They aren't as flashy, and probally would be insanely hard to...
  20. General Talk
    so i heard that black rims with a blue lip looks nice on silver cars. i have a satin silver em2 and right now im on black rims with a red lip and it doesnt match. i wanna see what the blue lip looks like on our cars, anyone have an example ?
1-20 of 24 Results