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  1. Basic Performance
    i want a lil bit more power, shes lacking in it but wanting to keep it n/a any advise at all???? 4-1 manifold and b pipe sports cat stage 1 camshaft aem tru time cam gear megen fuel press reg with the stage 1 cam what gains am i going to expect???? tried chattn to crower but got no...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    ...Whatz up guys.... well anyways i dropped my boys car today, but while putting the tie road back on the nut or tie road thread thingy was stripped, it kept on going round and round, it did not tighten or loosen, its just on like one thread... is this dangerous or can he ride for a while on...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Im just writing to inform ya'll that i may or may not be on here that much from today till who knows when. I just got a call saying my grandmother died yesterday. Im currently at my brother house waiting for my parents to get her from Cali. So i may just poke my head in a little bit depending on...
  4. Mid West
    First off, rep to some old friends from ( for letting me know about the migration to this place! Now for my story... Life circumstances change and I am moving out of my parents house and changing my major! They are keeping the Riviera, so I am up for buying...
  5. General Talk
    what would happen if i were to put a resonator of a different car on my em2 if i already had an exhaust ? would it sound like that car ? just wondering ... im kind of noob at exhaust.. =p
1-5 of 5 Results