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    so I am driving to my family s get 2 gether and we are doing 40 mph on a 2 way street. this civic heading the other way turns off and a Shelby cobra is behind him... he floors it spins into a trash truck keeps spinning and comes withing maybe 3 feet of my car. he musta been doing 60+ he...
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    Happy Birthday bud.....hope you have a good one!
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    Enjoy brotha!
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    30 minutes early but whatever :fu: Happy 21st Birthday man!! round of shots for everyone who is 21 or over at IA to celebrate! :dance:
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    TO ME. Even though the site doesn't show it, today is the big 24. I also get to pick up my car!
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    Happy 21st!
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    happy birthday ravi! :wave:
  10. West
    hello every one.. i am planning a 7thgen civic meet / bbq. and you are all welcome to come. date: Friday- July, 3rd where: lol, well i dont know the name of the park but it is in monterey...some where.. maybe manahoonie can help me with the exact location. activities: photoshoot, cruise...
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    happy birthday Karen! i know you probably don't come on here but I'm sure Adam will relay the message
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    happy birthday from 7GH!! :dance:
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    Happy 30th birthday honey!!! These pics just go to show that once a dork always a dork!! It's your birthday so drink up and enjoy!! Love ya!!!!
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    hope its a good one ray!!
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    Hope you had a good b-day.
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    Happy birthday suzy!!!! hope you have a good one getting drunk!
1-20 of 53 Results