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  1. Electrical
    The Car: 2004 Honda Civic Sedan Si Problem: Nothing works in ACC mode or key out of Ignition. Background: So yesterday I took my factory head unit out to install a Pioneer 2Din deck. Before I installed it I briefly checked my wiring harness I had made to see if it worked.. It did. So I went...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    I was driving home today like normal, cruising at 65MPH when all the sudden the check engine light comes on. I have to floor it to keep speed and I'm still slowing down. I limp it to a gas station and I open the hood to find smoke coming from my exhaust manifold area, and everything is VERY hot...
  3. West
    hello every one.. i am planning a 7thgen civic meet / bbq. and you are all welcome to come. date: Friday- July, 3rd where: lol, well i dont know the name of the park but it is in monterey...some where.. maybe manahoonie can help me with the exact location. activities: photoshoot, cruise...
  4. Electrical
    Is there a diy for 7th gens on doing the Big 3 car audio ground/ power wire replacement. I searched this forum and googled it and found nothing for 7th gens in particular. Anyway any info, thought, ideas would be great.
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ok, I've been seeing some misconceptions floating around that "bigger is better" when it comes to turbos. Well, that isn't always the case, especially when you're running a sohc vtec-e motor. Here's a perfect example of too big. It was a d16 tuned by Jeff Evans. Original thread here...
  6. Electrical
    Looking to fix up my electrical system a bit. I was gona' start by moving the battery to the trunk. Winters are harsh up here, a lot of salt, a lot of snow. A few things I'd like to clear up. I have a sub and amp in the back already, there are a few wires ran under the carpets and in the door...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    ok to start off i have checked many of the threads on tranny problems and idk really if its the tranny or clutch all i know is the sound has gotten alot worse.. everytime i accelerate it sounds fine until about 2700 rpms then this grinding sound starts idk if i just need a transmission fluid...
  8. Electrical
    any of you guys have done this? Definition: the "Big Three" upgrade means improving the current capacity of three cables: 1) alternator positive to battery positive, 2) battery negative to chassis, and 3) engine ground to chassis. Some people replace the factory wiring; others add additional...
  9. Off-Topic
    I heard that gas was suppose to go to 5 dollars and up O well:eek3:
  10. Members Rides
    Reserved 7thGen Crew Parking At Local Meet Today. :tup: For Spoon EM2!
  11. Off-Topic
    here's the video, wtf look at its head :eek:
  12. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I was wondering if someone makes a bigger/better brake kit for our cars that will fit with 16" wheels. I know some of the Brembo ones will, but they are more than a grand. I just want something a little bigger and better. The AEM ones on dezod look like the ones i need, but it says a 17" wheel...
  13. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So what are some rim sizes you guys are running?? Im wanting to change my rims.Currently running 18/7.5 +45 all around. I wat to go with a custom staggered setup. Say 17/8+ 35 or less and 17/9 +35 or less. But what are some nice setups that you guys are running? Whats the max specs for this year...
  14. Off-Topic
    Sup fukks, we're ridin down 95 on the way to Fla., just thought I'd see what was goin on here. This whole cellphone thing isn't as fun as I thought it'd be lol, I'm out. I'll pop back on here when we get to the townhouse & I can set up my laptop lol.
  15. Mechanical Problems
    ok i have a 2002 honda civic ex coupe, manual trans, i havent turned on my car for a day and now when i try it wont start, it almost catches and turns on but wont, the battery is new, the spark plugs were replaced and the fuel pump wiring and all is good, what could this be,
  16. Off-Topic
    first is the ear and nose vid then once done, go to body on the bottom right
  17. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Is this worth it??? is the rotor really bigger than the oem one??? and how is bigger when we use the same caliper??? please help me out cause im running on 18" and does not brake too much, please give me some inputs befoire spending 350$....that's the price I have seen from different brands..
  18. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    anyone rockin any sort of big brake kit? i was thinkin about goin brembo for the fronts and eventually doin something with the back, def discs though.. just want to see if anybody had any opinions on any brand or anything
1-18 of 21 Results