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  1. General Talk
    Well my 04 LX just turned over 90,500 today and this means I'm approaching a timing belt R&R. I have read the DIY on this forum and it is AWESOME. Definitely detailed! I put a Timing belt in a 91 Accord I used to own, and it had a secondary 'balance shaft' belt. That job was not too bad...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    On the left side of my car. a squeak is coming from it when i take off at any speed and when i left off the gas, i know the alt. belt is over on that side and i think the timing belt also, im hoping its not the timing belt. but it stops once i pass a certain rpm and like i said it starts again...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    What's up everyone! Got almost 124k on the Civic now, and i know it is going to be time to replace the timing belt sooner then later, don't have the time, or the tools to preform in my self. For those of you who brought yours in for this service, what am I looking at for a bill? parts &...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    I mean, I KNOW how to tighten the alternator belt, but how the hell do you fit your hand in there to tighten the wing nut?! Mine squeaks a bit, I think it needs tightening.
  5. Mechanical Problems
    Ok so i got my timing belt/water pump done yesterday at a local garage. I had bought a Duralast belt and pump. My dad brought the car up to my job yesterday after it was done and now during acceleration, it makes like a ticking sound and it sounds like it's coming from the belt. Do new belts...
  6. Electrical
    Does anyone know how to disable the seat belt alarm, I just got some new recardo seats in with harnesses and I don't know how to take off the light or the sound and it's driving me crazy, anything will be helpful.
  7. General Talk
    For those of you who have underdrive crank pulleys, what size belt did you use? Because from what I heard, the belt length changes so yeah.. :shrug:
  8. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys I am trying to re-install my stock seat belts, they seem to be stuck retracted almost all the way in...there is about a foot out of the assembly... any ideas to get it so it will come all the way out?
  9. General Talk
    Anybody using one and do you think it's worth the few extra bucks?
  10. Engine & Transmission
    My first car was a pile, and since I was completely ignorant in the area of cars, I found myself repeatedly getting screwed by local mechanics who saw a sucker. The car finally died with a blown headgasket and a bad tranny, and I vowed never to get hosed again. I Bought the civic and I started...
  11. General Talk
    my cars at 110km and i think its time to do my timing belt, i asked my mechanic friend to do it for 100 bones anyways he said much is it at a shop..??? i asked around at a couple differnet shops and they diden't know on how long it was gonna take? what was i lookin at if i did it at a...
  12. Mechanical Problems
    hey guys i have a 03 civic mostly stock 1.7L just wondering when i should do my timing belt? it has 91,000 kms on it now thanks steve
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    I found this site today that had some kick ass belt buckles and thought I would share:
  14. Mechanical Problems
    hay so i just reached 90k miles on my car, do i have to change the timing belt, i can hear it when my car is on, also if i change it should i buy just the belt or the whole timing belt kit? thanks
  15. Basic Performance
    Well, I'm over 100,000 miles in my 01 LX EM2 coupe. I'm dreading the Timing belt change and Radiator fluid change costs and down time. Have any of you done this? How long did it take? How much did you pay? Was it DIY or shop or stealership done? Tell me your story. Tax returns are...
  16. Mechanical Problems
    can someone tell me why my shit is squekking everyTime i turn on my a/c or iF i leave it ouTside in tHe cold For too long iT squekks so freaking loud iTS sooo embarrinsing plus itS a 2005 civic model and i cant seem tO get rid oF iT..i sprayed the tIming belT stufF to make the squeeking go away...
1-16 of 16 Results