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  1. South
    Just a meet and greet type thing. Install stuff if you need help, hang out at my place for BBQ and Drinks... We can drive somewhere for pix and stuff. Toss out ideas what you guys would want to do... I'm a lazy mother fucker that likes to meet people and just talk about whatever, so i'm down...
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    Well, my current favorite beer is Landshark AKA Landys... that's what myself and Barry call them. I was wondering what everyones FAVORITE beer is so i can try some new beers if i have yet to try them. My top beers are: 1. Landys 2. Any Leinenkugel beer, they're delicious. (Oktoberfest, Berry...
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    Great American Beer Festival The 27th annual Great American Beer Festival takes place in Denver October 9-11. This year, the granddaddy of all U.S. beer festivals is expected to serve more than 1,800 different beers from an estimated 400 U.S. breweries. Drinkers tickets ($50) and designated...
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    Mexican Drugtrafficking "Legend" Jesus Malverde Inspires A New Type Of Beer You know how some cultural references get lost in translation? Describing someone as “La Leche” in Spain means they’re cool. A teenager telling his crew in the States that his skateboard is “the shit” could be...
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    I wont sing for anything. I never sang in church no matter how much my mom prodded me. However beer is special. I don't know why. When I bring beer from the car to the house I sing my beer song. It goes "Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer" to the tune of the opening of 2 and a half men...
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    I recommend these chips to EVERYONE... Go to ALL of your local grocery stores or gas stations to try and find these chips... There is only ONE store here that sells these, Amazing... <-- You can order online if you can't find them.
1-7 of 7 Results