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  1. Canada
    Here's some of the pics that I snapped from Chris' BBQ and the photoshoot afterwards, anyone else with pics post em up! Chris' BBQ Photoshoot @ Underground Parking Garage EDIT**
  2. Canada
    alright the info of the bbq here...
  3. South
    Sup all...... I would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy some basketball and bbq. This event will be going down on Saturday, May 2, 2009 promptly @ 4p.m. until we get thrown out ha ha ha.. This event will be going on @ Cody's house. We will not be leaving Cody's house dirty, so please...
  4. South
    Just a meet and greet type thing. Install stuff if you need help, hang out at my place for BBQ and Drinks... We can drive somewhere for pix and stuff. Toss out ideas what you guys would want to do... I'm a lazy mother fucker that likes to meet people and just talk about whatever, so i'm down...
  5. West
    It's a at the Alameda Naval Base, Children's Hospital Charity Donations, Free Food, Drinks, and Music. All models and makes are welcomed, sponsored by Method4Motorsports. A buddy invited me and I thought to post on here just in case anyone is intrested. I don't know how to post pictures, lol.
  6. Members Rides
    heres some pictures from the meet... more pics later after Hwy 9...hehehehe
  7. West
    ok to you all in norcal that feels like coming down to vallejo area, bbq at my house in the late afternoon. so all you norcal homies and homegirls can come through. but heres the catch...each person coming through my front door will have to take a shot of holy water(ahem....151....ahem) to...
  8. Videos & Other Media
    LOL @ this commercial...Song is stuck in my head lol
  9. Mid West
    If you have been to a Speedquest Dyno Days, you know they are BIG. As many of you might know, in the early part of 2007 Speedquest Performance in Waukegan IL. took new ownership and the New Speedquest Inc. was re-opened. As a Grand re-opening we will continue to have our famous Dyno Days, only...
  10. Events
    Shot of the whole parking lot: The Shop Suja1 Motoring: PB & a confused Jay K-Turbo EJ on the lift and Project Pepe...mmm bbq Project Pepe: Shop Cars: Jeremy's DSM: Rob's Midori K20EK Yonni's K27ITBEG Random Cars: AJ's S2K Urmil's Mugen S2K Random: Our Beloved Sponsor...
  11. Mid West
    Looks like our annual BBQ this year will be on JULY 1st. this IS the big one for the year. like the BBQ's in the past, we'll take whatever you wanna contribute but is NOT required. just don't bring drama. we provide: private property parking lot (no harassment from the po-po), food, drinks...
  12. Mid West
    I am compiling a list of upcoming events that we will be attending...including auto-x events held by cvo and wcmc, road racing at gingerman or the autobahn track and shop bbq/meet & greet/dyno days... i will continue to update this as organizations/forums/shops release schedules for 2007: MWIR...
1-12 of 12 Results