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  1. Mechanical Problems
    TL;DR: skip to the last paragraph... So my romantic Valentine's date with my wife last night was a total flop, battery went out in traffic and I had to push the car off the highway and then get a jump (had to float 1500+ RPM's to keep it on) so I could drive to Walmart a few blocks away...
  2. Electrical
    Hey guys, Need some information regarding my setup here. I'm running a 600W class D amp powering 2x 12" subs and another 400W Fosgate 4-ch amp to power my components. A few nights ago i was at a parking lot waiting for someone, so I had my sound system on. I let it run for about 30 minutes...
  3. Electrical
    Looking for a battery terminal that I can put my 4 ga wire for my amp and the power for the car (8 ga?) in. I'm looking for inexpensive. This one looked ok, but I never heard of them and wanted to get some other opinions first...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    So, I just got home after a friend of mine came 30 mins out of her way to boost my battery. I replaced the battery a year ago. There were no signs of the battery dying (i.e. dimming lights, slow crank, etc). I made a few stops to a few friends' houses, about 5 mins away from each other. The...
  5. Electrical
    Hey I am going away for three weeks, should I remove the negative terminal and wrap it up? I also have a capacitor. The temperature will likely not dip down lower than 65 degrees. thanks and will my rear suspension(tein basics) be messed up if the driveway is a little sloped and not flat?
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    where did you mount your battery?
  7. Electrical
    Some of you may remember a few years back my was hit by a drunk driver in a hit and run. Yep, It was parked in front of my house and some time during the night a drunk bastard in a white cavalier hit my car then took off. Well my insurance paid me pretty good and I got the car fixed but never...
  8. Electrical
    I recently relocated my battery to the trunk. This was great for opening up more room in the engine bay but would cause me to loose some in the trunk. I came up with an idea. I could get an Optima Battery and mount it on its side in the spare tire well. You know between your spare tire and...
  9. Electrical
    So I deffinatly want to upgrade my charging system because now I'm having problems. Just want to know what is a alternator with a higher output and what is the strongest battery for lots of intense loads on the charging system. For example a sounds system and two sets of HID's, maybe A/C...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    Ok heres the deal. I removed my battery and crap to install cold air intake got it all in looks and sounds great. Now after i reinstalled everyhting i went to use my key lock "thingey" sorry dont know technical term, and the doors locked, but no horn beep and you know when u leave trunk open for...
  11. Electrical
    i have a double beam 01-03 H4 HID kit and i had to hook it up to my battery, but a guy i know with an 04-05 9006 kit did not have to hook anything up to the battery. Why is that?
  12. Electrical
    Looking to fix up my electrical system a bit. I was gona' start by moving the battery to the trunk. Winters are harsh up here, a lot of salt, a lot of snow. A few things I'd like to clear up. I have a sub and amp in the back already, there are a few wires ran under the carpets and in the door...
  13. Member Builds
    I guess it's time to start one of these since i'm moving on with my K20 swap. This will be a slow build as parts will be bought when funds become available. Parts needed: -K20A2 Complete Changeover (Received: 03/30/09) -EP3/DC5 Subframe (Received: 12/26/08) -Hasport Mounts (Received: 04/06/09)...
  14. Electrical
    hey i have HIDs, 750 watt amp, and now I want to add some ricer LED lights, is that too much for my battery? if I have to get my battery recharged for any reason or charge someone else's car, do i have to remove the HID, amp connections before I hook the cable up?
  15. Electrical
    So I need to relocate my battery to the trunk so I can put an air filter on my snail. Is it as simple as just extending the cables all the way to the trunk or am I missing something? Is there a kit to do this with if so LMK
  16. Mechanical Problems
    So as of the drive home it looks like I am in the market for a new battery...any recommendations? Could this just be poor contact at the terminals?
  17. General Talk
    WHeres a good place to relocate the battery for more room in the bay. I want a stable place to put it in where it wont ground itself or anything by accident. If you relocated, post pics please =)
  18. Mechanical Problems
    so, i noticed about 2 weeks ago my battery light flickering on and off, but it would go away. Now, the battery light continues to flicker on and off and will not stop. i already replaced my alternator and battery. i got it checked out, but they could not figure out why, they tested the new...
  19. Electrical
    Where is a good place to buy new battery terminals. Yes, I know I can google it, but I want to know a creditable place to buy them. I want the gold ones. The reason I am doing this is because a have a good sound system (no subs) and I am about to install HIDs next week. As of now, my headlights...
  20. Mechanical Problems
    i dont know if this is a problem w/ all em2's but my battery was dead for good, it was pushing .97 volts when it should be pushing 12V. i think this is because of my HIDS but im not sure. anyone w/ HIDS know if what i did was wrong ? i had the ballast and one wire was to the bulb. the other wire...
1-20 of 24 Results