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  1. Suspension
    Hey guys i have tein basic on my 02 lx. its great but i just want the front to go lower. I was plannin on taking out one of the locking spinning on the coil out to see if it goes lower. Has anyone ever tried this before? if so wat was the pro's and con's.. any input is appreciated. thanks
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Off to basic tomorrow. Its been real. See you guys in nine weeks.
  3. Suspension
    i was thinkin of gettin the tein basic coilovers does any one know the quality of this cilovers is it stiff?
  4. Suspension
    Hello everyone! theres a local guy selling used tein basics coilovers fronts and new eibach prostreet coilovers for the rears. I know that the spring rates are different on them but he's selling them for 300$! I just wanted to make sure... is this a steal? how will it ride? Thanks everyone!
  5. Suspension
    What's up guys?! For those of you who have installed any of these Tein Coilovers on your 2003+ Civic's... do any of you have the 8 washers laying around? I think I have it pretty much confirmed that the Teins washers are infact what I need. The washers take the 16mm hole on the struts and...
  6. Basic Performance
    ok heres the car has duals...ftl... but one is fake and it is my daily driver I need 2 really really cheap mufflers that look good and only 1 will be working...dont give me shit about it because I do not care... why keep duals? cause if you see the car you dont know...and im going...
  7. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    what r some basic mods that r needed to auto x for a em2
  8. Site News & Feedback
    theres suspension and and f/i section but what about basic performance? also Im guessing wheels fall under suspension?
1-8 of 8 Results