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  1. Members Rides
    Lots of fun today.thank you to everyone that hung out with us today:tup:freakin hot as hell!!! so my pics suck, too hot and didnt really take the best pics so excuse the quailty
  2. South
    Okay So I bought a new Camera this weekend and tested it out today in many different modes. Let me know what yall think of the picture quality? Click on Pix for Full Size! Randy: :rofl:
  3. South
    copied from another forum for those that didnt attend last year, heres a picture thread from another site
  4. West
    hello every one.. i am planning a 7thgen civic meet / bbq. and you are all welcome to come. date: Friday- July, 3rd where: lol, well i dont know the name of the park but it is in monterey...some where.. maybe manahoonie can help me with the exact location. activities: photoshoot, cruise...
1-4 of 4 Results