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  1. General Talk
    Does anyone know any company that makes a roll cage for the em2? I already have the NRG harness bar but I want more
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Comptech 22mm Rear Sway ***SOLD!! Locally to 2005em2*** *New Extra Set* 01-03 2dr/4dr eyelids: *** SOLD!! to Vilex *** Skunk2 RSX 2002-2004 Tie End Rod(BNI*Bag*) - *** SOLD!! Locally to EP3 member *** 01-05 Tein S-Tech Springs *** SOLD!! Locally *** DC Sports Race Header 4-2-1 ~~***SOLD TO...
  3. Suspension
    I need diy for RSX rear sway bar install. I'm installing a ITR one and need a refresher, Civic forums seems down.
  4. Suspension
    So here is the question: Due to where my exhaust sits near the rear sway they almost touch. I want to get and install a bigger sway bar, but then they will deff touch and rattle. someone said its possible that i can set the sway bar lower on the car. Is this possible? will it affect...
  5. General Talk
    ive looked everywhere, and no luck. Ive found the endlinks and bushings, just no bar. Im not looking to get an aftermarket bar, oem. if you can help, lemme know.
  6. Suspension
    i Have a 05 ex spec. ed. civic and aem short ram... im wondering if dc sprts strut bar wont hit my intake if i install it.. i see neuspeed bars fit but i want dc if not ill go for neuspeed i guess... i need help guys... any suggestion will be great guys ty Pani
  7. General Talk
    :tup:Just got home n now postin this up. Just put on my neuspeed bar. I like it :tup:
  8. Suspension
    So I just installed these and figured it wouldn't hurt to document them for future reference. This installation was done on a sedan AKA ES1 Tools you'll need: 14mm deep socket flat head screw driver All steps go according to the pictures I've attached. STEP 1: You'll have to remove the...
  9. Suspension
    Looking to buy a tower bar but would like to know which will fit. Because have heard that some dont fit with aftermarket intake example: AEM short ram Megan Racing Neuspeed DC Sports And if you have other brands to suggest, please feel free to do so and any additional info on which is better...
  10. Suspension
    anyone have any recommendations i have the progress 22mm? Thanks
  11. Suspension
    so before you guys flame me, i did search and read through a few of the stickys but couldnt find a direct answer. i know people have been running rear sway bars from rsx's. will any after market sway for the rsx fit as well? it seems like an obvious yes but there can be limitations. also...
  12. Suspension
    I looked the other day and noticed the stock bushings are torn and ripped. I have two new sets so I figure I might as well replace them. I'm going to back up the rear to do it, will I have any problem taking the brackets on and off? It should be easy since the whole rear will be jacked up right...
  13. Suspension
    Where can I find a RSX-S 19mm Sway Bar for my car. I have looked through the forums and people say that this is a nice setup with a front oem one. I like buying new parts not used ones. I am looking for a site with discounted OEM equipment like Any help would be great...
  14. Suspension
    So will it. I know the rsx will fit but i'm wondering about the ep3. i'm running ep3 AC lines on my swap and need a bar that will clear them.
  15. Suspension
    no LCA, just progress tie bar. Thanks.
  16. Suspension
    Ok before i begin please do not flood my thread with "lower tie bar dont do shit except looks" "your newb negative 1point for you" lol I know the lower tie bar doesn't do anything without all other suspension components, but i got one for free and the look is dmn nice under there.Thanks for help...
  17. General Talk
    I saw this on Rollen01's engine bay, and he says he got it from Nopi for $32. So I went to the Nopi site and here are the ones for our cars: Now which one is it? I've got an intake exactly like that, and if I can get a bar that goes around it for $32...
  18. Suspension
    Alright so I got a front upper strut bar and installed it. First. I didn't have a torque wrench so I tightened those f0ckers pretty tight. Upon doing so, when I drove, I started hearing weird sounds, i.e. squeaking while going up/down on bumps, crazy grinding noises from the passenger front...
1-19 of 66 Results