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  1. Members Rides
    And some new pics yet again! How it's sitting. Borrowing buddies rims. Giving em back tomorrow. SHITS WEAK! Decided it's been awhile ago since I updated with pictures. Car is really dirty, so I'll get pics this weekend when she's clean. Will probably go lower once I refinish these...
  2. South
    need a 7thgen to donate a few weekends to produce a fiberglass fitted enclosure to replicate many time for 7thgenhonda members to purchase :)
  3. Members Rides
    Been raining. Finally got some new parts to go for a new look/removed some things. Was going to shoot other day afer Houston IFO, but rained next day lol. Suzy wanted to see car, so thought I'd just share with everyone. Not done with exterior, couple more things and I'm set, then maaaaybe...
  4. Photography and Photoshop
    The trip turned out great. Loved everything about Japan! Really disappointed that I didn't get out of the city to see Osaka and Tokyo, so I might be going back next year. I was also disappointed I didn't see the AE86 shop until when I was leaving to the airport, real pissed haha. I have a lot...
1-4 of 5 Results