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  1. Members Rides
    here are a few pics i snapped tonite more to come tomorrow after i clean and put some other stuff in o and a new video Idle ---- Click Me New vid
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Was driving to work today and when getting on the off ramp theres a little bump and when i hit it, i pressed the gas and the car went nowhere and turned off.. i pulled over to started it and it started up then shut off by itself.. The car wont stay started and i have no clue what the problem...
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Hi I bought a 2002 EX that has 17 inch MSR Rims with Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires and 4-7 spline locked lugs on it. I hate hate hate the way it drives and I want to go back to stock rims and tires- I really don't care about my car being tricked out, I would rather it drive smooth without feeling...
  4. Canada
    WEll guys I'm back to civic again. look what I got.. [/IMG] JUST KIDDING!!! WELCOME TO APRIL FOOLL...:bowrofl:
  5. Stonecutters
    I hate that douchebag. Called my wife a whore at one point in the chat box. Makes me prone to physical violence.
  6. West
    WWW.AUTOBACSUSA.COM Actual items may vary, graphic images are for representation purposes only. AVAILABLE AT VISIT OUR WEBSITE Autobacs reserves the right to cancel or modify this event without notice. Super Autobacs Home | News & Events |...
  7. Member Builds
    Bought it. Picking it up next weekend. I'm so fucking stoked. Over the next week and a half, I will be pulling everything off Sugar's carcass that I could possibly sell so I can make some room in the garage for this baby. Four door, 1966 Volvo Amazon which I have purchased for the grand total of...
  8. Members Rides
    well i woke up feeling like ass today and thought about staying home. but i pulled outta bed and left for work got 1/10th of a mile from work and bam. i knew i should have stayed the fuck home today.:wtc:
  9. Member Builds
    Table of contents and some background info: more pics page 5: Paul and Clint's Windshield Replacement Service trip to foos land page 9: Spring Break RHD mock up...
  10. General Talk
    so after a year of my ears practically bleeding, i have taken off the ginormous exhaust off my car, and went back to stock. man it's amazing. i feel like the car is a bit quicker now, am i wrong to think that, or is it true that oem exhaust is better than aftermarket lame fart cans
  11. Basic Performance
    Which piggy back would you recommend? The Greddy Emanage or the Apexi VAFCII ?
  12. Site News & Feedback
    :tup: BRING TUP BACK! that is my question and concern:shady:
  13. General Talk
    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has changed out their back dash, the plastic panel over the rear speakers. My car takes alot of sun and started to do some kind of crackle and flake thing. I was wondering if there's an alternative to that back panel as i would like to get rid of it, perhaps a...
  14. General Talk
    Can anybody guide me how to take out the back speakers of my 02 civic?
  15. General Talk
    Sup fellas i need help on removing the back dashboard on the 2 door i removed it a while back to change the speakers but im sure it was not the proper way to take it out i dont want to break something help anyone :shrug::shrug::shrug:
  16. General Talk
    thought this would be funny for the people that hate 'em, and also the people that love 'em....
  17. Member Builds
    mi4 em2's old build - CLOSED THREAD CLOSED GO TO NEW THREAD HERE Hey guys, figured id finally post up my build progress. The plan is to do a k20a2 swap w/ a Peakboost gt35r kit. So far ive just been piling up the parts at home...
  18. Members Rides
    4-5 years ago. when i was NA.
1-19 of 64 Results