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  1. Basic Performance
    Most North American 7th gens got P-R-N-D-D3-2 on the gear selecter. But underneath the gear shift,you can cut out a piece of plastic to allow the shifter to go back past 2nd to where 1st should be. Anyone tried this yet and got the tranny to stay in first? I did and it didn't make any differance.
  2. Swap and Forced Induction
    I know this has most likely been covered but not so precisely. I want a list of literally EVERYTHING i need to swap a k24/k20 into my 05 AUTO em2. i want to start getting everything now to not hurt my pockets so much all at once. going to be getting parts until my warranty runs out. then swap...
  3. General Talk
    i think the honda manual says to do it at 60k? but i dont have the manual so im not sure. Also my cars at 83k miles, is it safe to just do a normal flush? i read somewhere that said it was bad to flush it if the tranny was used to the old fluid and new fluid might not be good. anyone have any idea?
  4. Basic Performance
    Did I a little dyno to have a starting point. Here's some vids. Hit 91.4whp and 91.8 lbtrq. Also pics of T1's drag car and an NSX they are building.
  5. Basic Performance
    :coffee: So I got the car dyno'd for shits and giggles since it was only 30 bucks for three pulls yet the guy did 5 and didnt charge me for the two extra. This is with an AEM Short Ram Intake Apex'i WS2 full catback exhaust Auto Transmission And Stock fat five wheels. So here it is! Im...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    I want to get a transmission flush done and I would like to replace the filter as well. Has anyone else done this, if so which one would you recommend? -Matt
  7. Swap and Forced Induction
    hey guys i sold my K20a2 that ive had for forever because i wanted to do something different. I was thinking of doing a K24a4 automatic swap? Do you think its a good idea? I want to keep my automatic cause my GF drives my car and i go to school to SF which is 1 hour away everyday. Is it...
  8. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ok, im sure first thing you guys are going to say is "search" which i have...alot. I want to know what is everything i need to get for my civic to turbo it. its an automatic and plan on getting the dezod s1 kit once warrenty's up. I know dezod uses an auto as their example, but what exactly is...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    The dealer keeps blaming it on the exhaust. However.... I have noticed(when i press the gas pedal) that it will have a pause sometimes from a dead stop. When it finally seems to be lock and ready to rock ( start moving) it's been like a second. When it's cooler out i have noticed when i let off...
  10. General Talk
    i was taking a look at the 04 el and it seems to have an automatic climate control. i was wondering if i took the 3 combo switches (airflow,temp,fan) would i have a working auto climate control? im guessing everything is to do with the switch like the variable intermittent wiper switch which is...
  11. Swap and Forced Induction
    What do you guys think of running Turbo on an Automatic? Im asking this cuz i havent seen any thread talk about it? to put my opinion out there, I got into a debate with some guy with a d17a2 turbo ay 18psi, and he has a manual transmission. He told me on an automatic it is better? I...
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    Does any one have a DIY for a tranny swap? If possible i am looking for a list of parts that i would need and a guide on how to do it... Thank you in advance -Mike
  13. Basic Performance
    okay so0o.. my dad bought an automatic em2 for my sister and then she messed up in life, therefore he just handed me down the car take it or leave it. now im stuck w/ an auto but im saving up for a manual swap. I have a short ram intake but i want to extend it to become a cold air, but theres no...
  14. Basic Performance
    check this my friend has a a/t civic and sometimes he switchs gears while hes driving to make it sound or feel like a stick he doesnt listen so i need some experts to tell him what would happen if he continous to do that its crazy cuz they shift to i think 2 while on the freeway and always...
  15. General Talk
    what makes an exhaust pop ? i like that noise, and i was wondering if an automatic can have their exhaust pop too. some people have a misfire ( small flame ) come out on turbo'd cars and i was wondering if us em2's n/a can pop w/ flame as well. im guessing its all high power ?
  16. General Talk
    does going from drive to drive 3 mess anything up because u get a slight better power gain im only wandering thanks
1-17 of 18 Results