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  1. Basic Performance
    My EM2 SI(Canada)is dead off the line. Anyone try a high stall converter yet? Are they worth the money? Where to get one? Thank you.
  2. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    hey guys, Im looking into getting into the Auto-X thing, however i have a ? to ask.. When you got through the inspection, what exactly do they check for in order for you to perform? I would like to see if my car is up to standard for me to go ahead and do it.. your help would be greatly...
  3. Site News & Feedback
    Can we auto subscribe to threads? :dunno: I like being able to just go into my usercp to view updates on where I have posted, it is becoming tiresome to have to subscribe every time I post to a new thread:sadwavey:
  4. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    Video i took from the dallas meet we just had this weekend. ll4VtJ_P3ak SEtMr3Uewms 5DiYnUB7fcM
  5. South
    Hey guys bought some tranny fluid that I'm not gonna use. Its the honda kind and I have the washer also. Let me know if someone needs some.
  6. Engine & Transmission
    As everyone can tell there are a lot threads on changing your transmission from auto to manual, However they're mostly build threads then an actual DIY. So here is my attempt to write one. these direction are very General, with not much detail, This was made for people that are comfortable on...
  7. General Talk
    I know its popular to go auto to manual but im curious if its possible to just switch everything around and go manual to auto? i searched and only found m-a. anyone know why this wouldnt work? :dunno: no b.s. comments about going to auto. im awaiting a killer deal on another car and can...
  8. General Talk
    have you guys seen the auto zone repair guide section? diagrams on all my cars and friends cars. just did his brakes and needed to make sure it didnt have screws holding the rotor in place. anyone else use their site and repair guide?
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Well Ive heard the 04-05 trannys take a little more of a beaten. Im on day 4 of my turbo finally finished after 7 months of hell. And now im slipping into 3rd which is the biggest problem on these things i know its going anyday now so why not just do some wide open pulls , so manual swap is out...
  10. General Talk
    Hey guys, I have a quick question. I was wondering if u could change a auto ecu to a manual ecu like the older hondas were able to be done. I was told they changed it in 01 where they were fixed ecu's. Just wanted to know if there was any truth in it. Thanks guys.
  11. General Talk
    Not really impressed with the show, but took lots of pictures anyway. Favourite car was the scuderia spider.
  12. Basic Performance
    anybody here have an 01-03 em2 with auto tranny, if so what gears do you have as ive noticed mine is different.... i got PARK REVERSE NEUTRAL D D3 2 1 .............
  13. Canada
    Hey guys here i go again: So as u can see from my name i work for autotrader and this year the autoshow is sponsored by us...So im trying to get a shit load of tickets for us BUT not to promising due to the RECESSION they think we should pay this year to help the "ECONOMY".. But no biggie its...
  14. General Talk
    so there cell pics and the camera on my phone sucks so my bad and i took pics of the cars i like lol
  15. Events
    Was wondering if anyone on here in the Mid Atlantic Area was goin to the DC Auto Show this weekend? I think im gonna be there on Saturday. Maybe we can pick a place and meet up so we all can ride in and park together.
  16. Swap and Forced Induction
    I want to switch my car from automatic to manual. Can someone give me a possible list of EVERYTHING i would need. and maybe an estimate on how much it all would cost. Thanks again.:tup:
  17. Mechanical Problems
    Im wanting to change out my trans fluid, but how much does it take. I do not have a manual.
1-17 of 50 Results