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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Whats up everybody? I'm new here to this board and thought I would intro. myself. I live in Austin and go to school in San Antonio, so you can catch me in both places. Still looking for a group of 7th Gens to hang with as I haven't been able to find any in the area. Anyway I gots a 04 civic EX...
  2. South
    ok before i post pics, im not all that good with taking pics so bare with me, its a new camera and havent a chance to really used it right.:ricer:wasnt a very great showing bc of the rain and it being entirely outside,also its easter weekend:coffee:
  3. South
    April 11,2009 Its goin to be crazy, is anyone goin to it? Ill take some pics n post them when i get back!
  4. South
    Everyone that will be attending the meet in Austin on March 21, 2009, you need to read this information. We will be meeting @ Wings and More off of 290 and tidwell. The meet in Austin starts @ 130, therefore, I am asking everyone to meet at Wings and More at 10 o'clock and we will roll out at...
  5. South
    I'll be hosting a meet in Austin on March 1st if anyone is interested. We'll meet up, eat, go take some pics, and then take a Hill Country cruise... You know, the normal stuff. ClubRSX 8thgencivic HondaAcura And a few others Meeting spot will be here at 12:00 PM on the 1st: 10901 N Lamar...
  6. South
    Anyone in Austin able to replace a head gasket or know a shop that will without taking me completely to the bank? Thanks, Beau
  7. South
    So apparently, Hot Import Nights will be in Austin on April 12th. My birthday is the 15th, so thats gonna officially be my birthday weekend. I will be showing if I can get out of the rota game. Its like 48 dollars to register with the...
1-7 of 7 Results