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  1. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    This summer, the Texas A&M Sports Car Club is having autocross practice weekends. To the tune of $15 per car, you get unlimited runs per day. The timers will be up and running so you can compare your times, but there will be no (official) ranking or prizes. Just a great opportunity to kill...
  2. Members Rides
    well, i started off with a healthy breakfast, leftover kfc from the night before. :D the wife was at a conference in southern california, and i wasn't about to cook, so the kids and i decided we wanted fried chicken... after breakfast, i noticed the lawn needed a good mowing, so i whipped out...
  3. Videos & Other Media
    First is a vid about 5-6 months ago doing a 3d/4th gear pull with no boost control, the car wanted to go everywhere. Then a vid of me flying past paul on the hwy. Dyno vids on race gas. Vid of the car idling today, requested by steve...
  4. Mid West
    I think to make some lives easier, I dedicate a thread every month (like honda-tech) to local sales. This way we can find locals for parts and so forth. If shipping can be arranged, please post in the normal classified ads. For sale: 2004 stock honda honey comb grille - 50 2004 civic ex stock...
  5. Events
    i'll be leaving after work tomorrow to head up, stay the night, then go to the show on saturday......good place to meet some fellow em's/es's. so who all is coming along?
  6. Mid West
    might be a little early, but since noone could go/went to Nopi detroit i thought about planning for HIN on the 11th. i went last year, it was a good time. show/drifting/cobalt ss challenge last year, not too sure what's this year..... so who's going??
1-6 of 6 Results