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  1. Suspension
    So my front control arm bushings are cracked and being to tear. I feel at this point with a set of eibach pro kit springs and 205/50/10 hankook radial tires that to rid my car of understeer that going with stiffer control arm bushings. Question is, how harsh are they, this will be done to my dd(...
  2. Suspension
    I was getting ready to buy some LCA's. I talked to a friend and he said you needed a special tool to remove the bolts. Can anyone tell me what this tool is called and where i can get one?
  3. General Talk
    So I ordered my Rear Upper Camber arm from Password JDM and I Just got it last week. Wow did Password JDM ever hook me up proper! Free of charge they sent me -Password:JDM Lanyard -Password:JDM Shop Flag (Japan Domestic Market) -Password:JDM Mouse Pad -Password:JDM Bumper Stickers Now...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    So this morning when I was taking the exit off the highway, deffinately driving too fast for the exit, my car started to skid and ended up hitting the curb, blew the tire, ruined a rim, and bending my lower control arm. Im also going to have to get a new sway end link. whats the best place to...
  5. General Talk
    What this part called? I have the actual plastic part but not the rubber part and I dont know what it's called. Also do any of you guys have these lying around that I can buy?
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Anyone know how to fit the new bushings in without the use of a press? I've been trying everything, from trying to hammer it in to using a vice to hmm... using 2 vices lol! This is what happened... LOL!! Broke on me, and still left the damn bushing out by like 5cm!! AHHHH!!!! I still...
  7. Suspension
    I want to get my suspension powdercoated but I want to make sure I can get complete bushing to insert where my old ones are. So my question is for the guys that have done it are the bushing for the front control arms a complete replacement or an insert? If there not a complete bushing does...
  8. Members Rides
    Some more damage from my accident... How hard is it to replace these? I'm picking one up tomorrow for $30. I know my endlink is broken too :( Looks like it's just 3 bolts?
1-8 of 8 Results