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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Im getting this weird "whirring" sound from the front wheels when I turn the steering wheel slightly to the left it changes speed with the speed of the vehicle, so it's gotta be the wheels or tires or something. It's kinda like the sound of a tire rolling along the pavement when it's kinda...
  2. Members Rides
    Adrian, Anthony and I :tup:
  3. South
    This where all the carshows/meets in and around the Houston Area for 09 will be posted.:tup: May 05/1-3 - Gator Drag - Conroe, TX - ( 05/2-3 - Texas Heat Wave - San Antonio, TX - Freeman Coliseum 05/23 - Mean Streets - Austin, TX - Travis County Expo Center June...
  4. West
    ********3rd Annual Bay Area Meet************* What: Everyones Welcome Every Make And Model Car. When: May 24 2009 Where:43518 Christy Street Fremont, Ca. 94538 Behind The Parking Lot Time: 12:00PM To Whenever Why: Becuase Its That Time Of The Year To Have Coffee And Mingle With Everyone...
  5. South d17 - $100 (sanford) Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-04-09, 3:38PM EDT i have a d17a1 non vtec motor from a 2002 civic long block no intake manifold, no tranny. NO leaks and runs...
  6. South
    Ok guys, so the time has come to part with the civic. It is going to be a slow process, as I am not needing to part out like in a week or so. I am just taking the necessary steps towards attaining a stock em2 so I can sell this hoe. Whats up for grabs: Looking for a Rallye Red civic to...
  7. South
    I will be going down to St. Petersburg, Fl this coming monday until saturday and will be looking for things to do. Anyone from the area. HIT ME UP! :werd:
  8. Mid West
    just getting into the scene. live in nebraska. anyone near omaha?
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hey whats up all. Got an 02 couple. Only mods (so far - more to come when not so broke) are Cold Air Intake, Rims, and Blk led tail lights (with green reverse) I Also have blue interior lighting. Sorry pics are kinda big, but I'm doped up from the dentist rt now and to lazy to make smaller. Ohh...
  10. Introduce Yourself
    hey guys i just got pix posted up.. hope you guys enjoy it!!! STUFF I DONE TO IT: -took off the altezza/ebay tail lights and replace it with oem -5% rear tint 20% front -lowered on skunk2 springs -rear spc camber kit -fog lights -dc sport headers -aem short ram intake -redtop optima...
  11. Introduce Yourself
    Been to this site a few times, and now decided to register. Currently driving an 02 civc ex. pics will be posted later... Anyone else in the cen-cal area, get at me and tell me of any local em2 meets. get at me...
  12. Introduce Yourself
    Hey whats goin on everyone, From the Bay, Santa Clara to be exact. drive an 05 4dr, Magnesium Metallic. this is my first car and it was handed down to me from my grandfather who could no longer drive because of age. Its an Automatic, but i perfer manual like my dads old prelude. it doesnt...
  13. North East
    just wondering i have never seen any other modded em2's around im in Ellington (if you've heard of it) just want to see whos around
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Just sayin' that I'm here. I got a 02 Civic (Dx? its the lowest model auto)
  15. Introduce Yourself
    just wanted to say hey..
  16. Events
    im in concord and i wanna go to one
  17. Mid Atlantic
    hey guys. idk where to post this, but if we ever plans spring meets again, and it gets rained out, i found a legit garage to hold the show in. On rt 23 northbound side, in riverdale, there is a target store that has a lower, covered parking area. Just wanted to put it out there, might be a...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    My conflict between car parts and sneakers just reached an all time high lmao Who is purchasing??? $310 December 26th
  19. Mid West
    i live in glendale heights where do you reside?
  20. Events
    Does anyone know is there any shows going on in the tri-state area coming this weekend. I know Honda Day is On Saturday..any others..thanks :)
1-20 of 33 Results