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  1. Members Rides
    It was a nice day out in Malibu. Sorry for some of the pictures. Enjoy!!! +/- comments welcomed! ^^^DUN DUN DUN... PS... feel free to add pics, for those of you that went to this meet! :D
  2. Canada
    Here's the pics you all been waiting for.... Our largest meet thus far with 19 Civics!!!
  3. South
    Post your pictures and videos from the April 25/26th meet.
  4. West To all the brave parents there for their child day in day out! and the fine organizations setup to support them!
  5. Canada
    Heres some PRE meet photos.... MEET PICS good turn out boys welcome on noobies sweet rides good turn out... HEY ALBERT ^ NICE DOOR that ones for the WHEEL gap PIC AT FAIRVIEW LAST WEEK:fu: lol
  6. South
    Ok people, this is the roll call for the Houston area. We will meet in the Dillard's parking lot in Greenspoint Mall on the morning of April 25th at 7 am. We will leave at 7:45 am (copy and paste) Roll Call: 1. aliefjoker
  7. West
    wooohoooo got free vip tickets to LBGP again! Gates open - 7 a.m. ALMS Warmup - 7:30 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. Lifestyle Expo opens - 8 a.m. SPEED GT Challenge practice - 8:05 a.m. – 8:35 a.m. Firestone Indy Lights Qualifying - 8:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. IndyCar practice - 10:25 a.m. – 11:25 a.m...
  8. Photography Contest
    Thank you to everyone who submitted! 1. Spring Chillin 2. Calm Skies and Calm Waters 3. Alive Again 4. Blooming Beauty 5. No Title 6. No Title
  9. South
    Hey guys, on the 25th (day of the DFW meet) it will be Ben and Amanda's one year anniversary so I am going to make a banner that says "Happy One Year Ben & Amanda, from 7th Gen Honda" that will be at the hotel when they get there that night, and I would like to have everyone that's attending...
  10. Videos & Other Media
    Made a lil somethin: what yall think?
  11. Members Rides
    [[SET ONE]] Here are some of the pictures I took after I touched them up with Photoshop. More pictures to come, this is what I have done so far, there's so many! I'll leave more post open for more pictures. Comments welcomed! Cleaned up Jose's front bumper and...
  12. Members Rides
    I figured I would start one of my own since I'm now starting to get some progress done with the car. First: Then: Wheels installed - April 14th 2009: Daytime pics - April 15th, 2009: The full shoot of those day and night pictures can be found here...
  13. Off-Topic
    well yesturday i was driving to school....and was driving inside the parking lot looking for a spot to park at.....well while driving down one of the isles i hear a loud BANG! blue smoke everywhere! and i thought to myself...i think i just blew my motor!.....but then shut off the car and open...
  14. West
    Ventura FairGrounds: California Car & Cycle Show April 5 Located at Full Grounds Sunday 10AM - 4PM $10; $5 (ages 6-12 with school i.d.) 5 & under free
  15. Off-Topic
    So, tell us who you fooled and/or who fooled you. I got fool'd this morning by Adult Swim with this bullshit movie called The Door. I wanted to watch Family Guy:wtc:
  16. Canada
    For any pics and videos that may pop up
  17. South
    Everyone has been asking about another get together and it seems like the DFW area is the next choice. It will be on April 25th in Dallas, and April 26th in Bedford. First Day Date: Saturday April 25th, 2009. 2:00PM Place: BenCronin's House 2616 Hudson Crossing, McKinney TX We will be meeting...
  18. South
    Alright so were gonna do a roll call for the meet on the 4th of April 2009 @ Orange Blossom Mall, fort pierce, fl. Everybody should meet up at 10AM in the mall parking lot. I've never been to the mall but it seems like a decent place since we all dont know the area So lets all meet in front of...
1-20 of 22 Results