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  1. Members Rides
    so i decided to start my built thread cos after seeing the progress done on my car i started taking pics of it in stages. so i thought y not start a built thread to show how things are going. Anyways names Danny and in from the land down under (Australia) and i drive an ES1. ive had this car...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    I've noticed that when i shift, the shift lever has more resistance in between shifts than it did back in the day. Its like there is more of a jerk to the shift lever whenever I shift from one gear to the next. Anyone know how to make it smooth again?
  3. Members Rides
    Well I been wanting new rims and all so I been looking for some and couldnt find any I really like. Then I saw some polished slipstreams and said fuck it Ill do that. First I had to take my rims to a shop to get the tires taken off. Then I went to autozone and bought So I go home and...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I just came upon this problem today when trying to refuel at the gas station. I press down on the gas cover lever and nothing happens. I don't feel any clicking like I usually do. I had to go through the trunk and turn the "syringe" lock mechanism in order to get the fuel cover to...
  5. Off-Topic
    well seems the quality really dropped off these past episodes. i remember when i laughed all the time at the older ones, now theyre kinda dumb...idk anyone else think so?
1-5 of 5 Results