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  1. General Talk
    ok thanks for looking. lulz. one of my friends have the 06 HFP wheels for the civic coupe. he just recently curbed the bitch with scratches so he decided to sand it and repaint it. now the question is, does anyone of you fukkers know the paint code for the OEM color of the HFP wheels? :( i...
  2. Off-Topic
    Is it sexual harassment if a midget walks by you and tells you that your hair smells good? LULZ
  3. Electrical
    So, after reading through BenCronin's thread about his HID flickers and finding no solution, I figured I'd ask you guys for some help. A few days ago, I adjusted my headlights via the little turning dial (they were aimed a tad low). Well, everything was fine and dandy until the next night...
  4. Suspension
    I found a seller on craigslist and he is selling his Tein Basic Coilovers for 500 dollars. I dunno if thats a good deal...i found some brand new for 1000... Second question, do these coilover fit a 02 Civic LX? He orginally posted that its for a sedan. I need to know the answer by tomorrow...
  5. Electrical
    does anyone know how identify if an ECU from our 7th gen civics is for a automatic or a manual by using the codes on the side of it???
  6. Off-Topic
1-6 of 6 Results