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  1. Electrical
    Looking for a battery terminal that I can put my 4 ga wire for my amp and the power for the car (8 ga?) in. I'm looking for inexpensive. This one looked ok, but I never heard of them and wanted to get some other opinions first...
  2. Electrical
    I'm looking for a spot to run power for my amp. Last car I ran it through the firewall, is there a good spot for that in an 01 EX coupe?
  3. Electrical
    Hey Guys I think I'm having an amp issue... I just noticed this today... when I turn the volume up on certain bass heavy songs, the subs cut out for a very brief amount of time. They start up again once I turn it down (and wait maybe 3-5 seconds), or once the beat changes a bit (and wait maybe...
  4. Electrical
    Im having troubles with my amp that i've been using for 7 months...It justed stop working out of no where...It stays in protection friend told me to take out the sub wires and rca cables and when i did that the light was off and the green power was on... but the when i connect one sub...
  5. Electrical
    So i'm wiring an amp i have into my stock head unit. the power lines and remote lines are already ran... and i'm gonna use a converter to use my rear speakers. my question is i'm gonna run a switch on the amp... so that i can turn off the amp when i have the radio off but the car on... should...
  6. Electrical
    Hey Guys, I was driving in NYC last night and hit a big bump.....the wire from the battery to the fuse breaker ripped out...i reinstalled the wire back into the breaker and amp didn't power on. So i disconnected the wires in the amp and re connected...when i put the power into the car...
  7. Electrical
    I just install 4 infinity kappa speakers with a rockford amp and rockford wiring kit. I ran all rockford speaker wire to every speaker. Now the problem is I keep hearing a good bit of whining and every time I touch the brake pedal I hearing clicking through the speakers this also happens when I...
  8. South
    I'm in Garland TX who knows where I can find a good place to fix my amp.
  9. Electrical
    sometimes when im driving and listening to music, the amp cuts off. it has been doing this lately...never had a problem before.....anything suggestions?
  10. Electrical
    I am wanting to know where everyone mounts there amps in our cars. I have been thinking about it all week and I cant figure out where I want to put them. Im not looking to make them rediculas, like making moldings andd crap, just an area thats hidden and will let them breath. I have two amps...
  11. Electrical
    Here is an idea.... I got the stock radio, and i really dont want to change it, i think it looks perfect, and my 1200Watt Amp with my 2 10' kickers rockkk.... plus i got the ipod adapter thingy that you connect to the stock radio (where the cd changer clips) now my speakers sound great, all of...
  12. Electrical
    I noticed today after about an hour drive or so. My amp started cutting out. The sound would come on, and off occasionally while driving. Its only my front speakers which are hooked up to an external amp, and not to my deck. I heard it could be a lose ground, but I don't think it is, because...
  13. Electrical
    As soon as I get my last Alpine amp for the subs, I plan to recess both amps into the spare tire well beneath a piece of plexiglass. However, my Alpine 4-Channel amp bridged to a 2 channel amp putting out 400rms gets hot after playing at a VERY VERY high volume after about 6 mins. But the only...
  14. Electrical
    Hey I've got a 12" Kicker L5 with a KX600.1 amp. It was working fine on the way home last night but this morning when I left for class, it wasn't turns on and goes into protection mode. Both the fuses on the amp are good and the underhood fuse is good. When I checked all my...
  15. Electrical
    anyone know where i can get a decent 4 ch amp for sale?
  16. Electrical
    where do you route the power wire for the amp through the firewall?? I would like to avoid drilling a hole if possible all of my previous car have had a blank grommet to route the wire through thanks
  17. Electrical
    I just recently got this 05 civic so i dont know my way around it to great. Anyway below is a picture of the deck i have in it im not sure what it is but im pretty sure its a honda option deck. So my question is will this deck have an output for a amp/sub, also will is have a amp remote wire. If...
  18. Electrical
    ok, this is basically a thread for sub and amp reviews that way there is only one thread for asking the question....what subs are the best? so, start posting what you got and if it sounds good lol
1-18 of 18 Results