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  1. Electrical
    well I recently got my em2 and we all know radio sucks balls, so i got my alpine out of my old car unwired everything went and bought the wiring harness hooked everything up right i triple checked my wires. but when i had my dash & old radio out the alpine wont turn all i get is the sound of a...
  2. Electrical
    I'm looking to upgrade my cheap-o Alpine deck that I bought a year ago when I had plans of selling the civic(that changed due to an accident). I've been looking into these two units. Just a little background, I like the Alpine deck I have in right now and I've had no problems with it. In the...
  3. Electrical
    i already know what sub i want- jl audio 12" w6v2-d4 but what do i match it up with? i know that the jl 500/1 will match up perfect but im also considering getting the jl audio 1000/1 so i dont have to really abuse and over load the amp, just tune everything down a notch. but.. now there is the...
  4. Electrical
    anyone wire one in there vic befor eneed help asap!!!! 310 alpine dvd unit with a pac tr7bypass box... any digrams or help needed!!!!
  5. Electrical
    so alpine just unleashed this beauty to the world (Availible @ the end of april) for a mere $550. Touchscreen, bt, gps, sat radio, ipod/iphone, everything. just one question, i am correct in the assumption that our cars will...
  6. Electrical
    IT is a cva 1004 alpine tv. guys i have been trying for the pass like 4 hours to to this i got it once but than it stop working can some one either show me or help me please
  7. Electrical
    Any body have any opinions. I found one for $250 on craigs list. I am in need of finding a portable gps for my car, Im taking it to college this year and dont really know the surrounding area that well. SO if you have any type of portable GPS and have opinions. Let me know.
  8. Electrical
    came in couple days ago and installed it yesterday. i haven't had too much time to play around with it, but i like it so far. my subs don't distort as easily as my previous panasonic head unit and the sound from my speakers don't sound as harsh. overall balance is much better. AND, i can...
1-8 of 8 Results