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  1. Mechanical Problems
    I have 2 Civics going to shit right now. My first, is 02 Ex 4door, speedometer just went out and i have a weird clicking noise in the lower left side of the engine. Had some ideas that it might be timing belt not sure. As for speedometer, I can do a little searching for that one. Second, 01...
  2. Suspension
    So I got an alignment after installing brand new tires and I notice that when I'm driving on the freeway at high speed, my steering wheel starts to vibrate a bit. Is that normal or is there something wrong? Anyways, I attached a printout of the specs. I also notice that on the printout, the rear...
  3. Suspension
    hey guys i just did a disk brake swap on my em2 never touched the front end. i have tein ss-p full coilovers and skunk2 front and back camber kit. after the disk install everything seemed fine until i was driving and my steering wheel is turn 10 degrees off centre. do i need another...
  4. Suspension
    Yet another Alignment related question. When aligners hook your car up to the alignment machine, say for example at Tire Kingdom, they put the info of the car, and after the machine reads it it displays the camber, toe, and caster info for the wheels. My question is, when the info is...
  5. Suspension
    alright.... I heard on this forum about Firestones lifetime alignment for 174 w/ tax included. I want this deal, but every alignment center seems to be coming up with bullshit. Take for instance my last encounter with firestone. Me= I want to purchase the unlimited alignment for my...
  6. Suspension
    My rear tires are currently aligned with the megan camber kit, but I was thinking about installing the rear progress sway bar tomorrow. Will this in any way unadjust my rear alignment? Note control arms bolts and ex endlinks for stock sway bar will be removed.
  7. Suspension
    So I got an alignment today and I'm not sure if the rear camber will be ok or not. Here are what my specs are: Front Left Camber: -0.5 Caster: 3.1 Toe: 0 Front Right Camber: -0.8 Caster: 2.8 Toe: 0.08 Front Cross camber: 0.2 Cross caster: 0.2 Rear Left Camber: -1.7 Toe: 0.07 Rear Right...
  8. Suspension
    no LCA, just progress tie bar. Thanks.
  9. Suspension
    i recently got my car aligned via a hunter for the first time and when i brought back for a second time my specs were all slightly different. For example according to the print out I had -1.0 camber in my driver side but a few days later I had -0.5 camber. whats up with that?
  10. Suspension Anjoy!
  11. Suspension
    i adjust my coilvers like 2-3 ridges only? thats like half an inch or less.
  12. Suspension
    Will buying an alignment kit be necessary for installing some Tein S-tech springs or will the OEM ones work fine? :dunno: Thanks.
  13. Mechanical Problems
    please read it all to completely understand my situation, thank you! so basically i installed a set of tein ss' coming from lowering springs. after my install, i threw up -1 camber in the front. over time, the left or driver side wheel would cave in and the camber would go as far as -3.1 and...
  14. Suspension
    If i replace a broken tie rod end, do I need an alignment?
  15. General Talk
    Im getting new rims and my car lowered 2 inches tomorrw. i need an alighment. how much is it these days?
1-15 of 15 Results