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  1. Engine & Transmission
    so her it goes. i have an injen oil filter its old but it still works great. this diy works for people with injen and K&N oil filters.. cause they are oiled. i use K&N recharge kit step 1. the before... step 2. the cleaner.. 2b. spray on the entire filter step 3. let the cleaner soke...
  2. General Talk
    well i got the injen SR new back a year ago and i havnt cleaned my filter. do you guys know of any D.I.Y for cleaning oil filters? i know its basically remove intake, spray down with cleaning solution, wait, hose it down from inside out, then apply oil. but a D.I.Y would help. AND are the K&N...
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I'm curious as to what everyone is running as far as air pressure goes. I would like to know what rides best but at the same time gives decent gas mileage. Fill this out and tell us... Tire size: Front pressure (PSI): Rear pressure (PSI): Fuel economy: Impressions: Here is mine. Tire size...
  4. General Talk
    I want to buy an Injen CAI for my 2005 EM2. I am not crazy engine smart, all I know is your basic things. But does anyone have any instructions on how to install this intake on my civic?
  5. Mechanical Problems
    So my cars running in the drive way rad cap off been running for about 30 40 mins now and i have the heat and fan on full blast in the car and the TEMP gauge isnt moving and fan isnt coming on... ANY HELP...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Ive got this loud squealing sound that happens whenever i accelerate from a stop, but it only happens when my air is on. It only lasts a few seconds before it like dies out, but its really loud. Also, if i turn the air off during mid squeal it will automatically stop. i have no idea what it...
  7. Basic Performance
    Okay, im a total noob at this kind of stuff. I wanted to get a cold air intake.. uhm not for the performance, but because I like how they sound. (dunno if that sounds stupid lol). I was looking on ebay and some of the intakes cost about 40-50 bucks. I also looked at other ones (AEM, K&N etc.)...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    i heard they help. also where do you put them?
  9. Mechanical Problems
    once in a while my side air bag light will come on and stay on for a few minutes and then go out and never come back until weeks later. What is this? and i have side airbags on my seats
  10. Electrical
    I got in my car last night to come back up to Kalamazoo and I noticed that my Air Circulation button and AC button wouldn't light up with the rest of the dash. If you pressed them to turn on the feature the rectangle light would turn on but the buttons do not glow with the rest of the dash. The...
  11. Electrical
    how do i turn the damn airbag light off its really annoying
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ok...Well i got a 03 Auto and im tryin to find a cold air intake for really cheap....i dont need some name brand ...and i cant seem too find any...everyting i find is for a manual...can someone give me a hand???Thanks
  13. Detailing
    Anybody know of really good air fresheners? Mine usually last a couple of days.
  14. Videos & Other Media
    this is funny as shit haha
  15. Off-Topic
    Anyone in the Airforce??? let me know what to expect and how it goes. Thanks.
  16. General Talk
    Hi! I am looking for a cai that doesnt make too much noise! Is there anything like that out there for our cars? I like more of a smooth dark tone rather to a "raspy" sound
  17. Electrical
    okay so I had my seats two toned in my car and when I got it back my airbag light was on they said they forgot to plug them up before they started the car so is thier anyway to clear the code without paying a ton of money
1-17 of 18 Results