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  1. General Talk
    Does anybody know of any good websites besides eBay that offer a good selection of aftermarket parts for our EM2 civics? Most sites seem to offer parts only for the EK, EG, EM1 civics which makes sense because of their popularity. Thanks for the help!
  2. Basic Performance
    So for all those of you out there with catback exhaust or axel many miles have you logged on them? The reason I feel compelled to make this thread is because my exhaust has literally rusted through. Which exhaust you ask? One of the priciest....RSR Exmag. I have had it on for...
  3. Electrical
    what's u guys think is the problem????fuse the deck???wiring...??or something else?? help will be highly appreciated!!!tnx,,
  4. Swap and Forced Induction
    i know with minimal fab the d16y8 i.m. can fit our boosted EM2s. Now... will the same "theory" apply to their aftermarket counterparts such as...
  5. Suspension
    so i was looking at eibach pro kit springs on and on the information about it, it says: - Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get Better MPG i would understand the handling parts but does aftermarket springs help save gas? if it does then how?
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    See subject. I'm going to try it. Why Foos? 1. Because I can get a set of YCP Vitaras with rings for less than a set of Wiseco rings. 2. We've all talked about it, no one has done it. So it's time to do it. 3. My rotating assembly is out anyway. I'm going to get the block bored to 75.5mm...
  7. Electrical
    I got a 02 civic si-g(ex)(Si) Im looking to upgrade my front speakers but also want to upgrade tweeters, and you know how there are tweeters in corner i wonder if you guys know any aftermarket ones that will fit in OEM housing. or exact size of them cant find in my book. thanks guys.
  8. Electrical
    So Im finnally getting rid off my stock stereo. Im buying an Alpine stereo from Best buy since one of my friend gets a employee discount...hehe anyway heres the link.
  9. Basic Performance
    so i was just pokin' around the net probably like everybody else seeing what we could do next to our 7th gen d17's and well i found this and i was thinking it says all d-series.. that means the y8 intake is from a d series... and those intake fit our cars with a little modding... so does that...
  10. Electrical
    i want to install some after market seats in my 05 ex. is there going to be a promblem with the srs if i mess with the seatbelts and can i keep the seatbelts with aftermarket seats. or if i go to a harness what can i do ? any help would be great. thanks !!
  11. Suspension
    I was under my 03 LX coupe and i noticed the driver side strut assembly had a oil of some kind running down it. The whole thing was wet with this oil. seemed fresh so i put the car back down and bounced the car with my body weight and I heard a slurping sucking sound. sounded squishy. does this...
  12. Electrical My headlights have just recently cracked and I came across the black headlights on ebay. Does anyone know the quality of...
  13. General Talk
    how do i time the aftermarket camshaft ? i know that the gear has an "up" on the spokes, but if i get an aftermarket camshaft, would the gear only fit on ONE way so that i can still follow the "up" timing ?
  14. Basic Performance
    I've been looking around and was wondering if there is any catback's available for the 4DR LX besides the DC Sports one.
  15. Basic Performance
    There is'nt really a forum to put this in! I was wondering if we could all make a list of all the oil caps and maybe a pic, of ones that fit our cars with no modification. I've tried the OEM Type R and it hit our plastic engine cover so back to the drawing board.
  16. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i've been reading lots about new wheels and stuff lately as i started working on my civic this summer. I just found out about this forum, and i read some things about rims and suspensions that i never thought about. Well my question is, if i get 18" rims, with 215/40 tires or so, does that mean...
  17. Swap and Forced Induction
    Anyone know if any company makes an half size radiator for the em2's? I need one because the RBC intake manifold will be damn close maybe actually pushing up against my Stock EP3 one. if someone knows a company who makes one link me please!!!
1-17 of 24 Results