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  1. Exterior
    DIY EM2 OEM Side Skirt Paint and Install on 2dr (2001-2005) Painting: Wet-sand the skirts with 1000 grit wet-sand paper to remove the glossy finish and to rough up the surface a bit. Once the sanding is all done, rinse off the pieces and I used a bucket of water with a bit of dish...
  2. Canada
    SOLD>>>>>>>>>> here guys i just bought these bad bads not even a week ago. i found another set in SSM so whoever needs a sick pair of OEM NHBP sides brand new comes with box and instructions for CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me know HELP A BROTHER OUT BEST OFFER GETS EM
  3. Members Rides
    well finally got around to putting it thought id do a quick shoot. i need to get the front and sides looks like shit unpainted. oh yea the rear lip is a 04-05 oem hfp( i think or hondas aero lip). comments are welcome. and hybrid wing coming in about a week from hayward...
  4. Members Rides
    Hi, I was wondering what the OEM 04-05 aero kit is made out of? Polyeruthane? plastic? fiberglass? Thanks.
  5. General Talk
    Anyone else check out the Aero Side Skirts for $255 on tempting since they come painted and came up a little less than 300 shipped or type-s hmmm...
  6. General Talk
    I have a dent in my lip and an auto repair shop said it was plastic so they wouldn't be able to fix it. Just wondering if it's true. Either/or, would I just be better off buying a new lip seeing as how there are some pretty good deals out there? I think i just saw one on this site where they...
  7. General Talk
    I found aero side skirts on CL this morning but the guy told me they have no hardware.... Does anyone have these n know what i need n if i can do it my self thanks in advance....
  8. General Talk
    does anyone kno if these are knockoff aero sides?
  9. General Talk
    I was wondering if someone has seen or has a picture of an 01-03 coupe with Aero Skirts and the HFP Rear lip? I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, but kind of want to get an idea of how it would look. So if any of you know someone or have a picture of that, hook it uuuup.
  10. General Talk
    Does anyone have any pictures of the 03 coupe Aero kit on a sedan? i know the sides wouldn't fit, but did anyone fit the front and rear aero kit into the 01-03 sedan? i've been looking around and i couldn't find shit.. post pics please :D which do u fukkers prefer? OEM coupe kit Aero kit RS...
  11. Members Rides
    I saw a 7th gen civic same year and color with just side skirts of a kit and it look very nice. The paint job was shit cuz it looked like he/she did it themselves. So my question is could someone post a picture of a 7th gen with just aero side skirts. Wanna see what it looks like cuz i have...
  12. General Talk
    Was wondering how easy it is to install. Because I think i will be buying the aero kit for my 02 honda and wanted to know is it basically direct bold on. Gotta get someone to install it for me. Just wanted to know if maaco would be able to do it for me cheap because of difficulty
  13. Members Rides
    few crap pics, didnt drive it since i lowered the car off the jack so its sitting high up...usually have no finger gap....enjoy dog got in the way lol blue lugs and brake dust
  14. Members Rides
    i bought my sideskirts used like 2 years ago and they didnt come with all the hardware (those brackets that slide on that you attach the tape too) i was wondering if anyone knows where to get clips similar to that of the ones that came with the skirts or the actual ones. Im gonna ask my job...
1-14 of 14 Results