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  1. Want To Buy
    Salut ou puije acheter un ecu et la couette de fil pour un acura 1.7 el v-tech merci beaucoup
  2. Electrical
    at the risk of sounding retarted, does anyone know if its possible to switch from a 02 civic gauge cluster to an 02 acura 1.6el gauge cluster? i know alot of people have swapped over to the 03-05 civic, but i prefer the acura gauges
  3. Off-Topic
    since my sister just got here lisence today i think im going to give her the civic. what color tl do you guys think looks best. i cant choose between red pearl, Nighthawk Black Pearl, or pearl white.
  4. General Talk
    if only the new tsx looked like this... the grille is way better. their version our version the wagon looks nice also
  5. General Talk
    i was taking a look at the 04 el and it seems to have an automatic climate control. i was wondering if i took the 3 combo switches (airflow,temp,fan) would i have a working auto climate control? im guessing everything is to do with the switch like the variable intermittent wiper switch which is...
  6. General Talk
    What do you guys think? I know the EL is a rebadged Civic, so, do you think I could manage to fit in both the front and rear seats in my 2003 Civic Coupe? Has anyone done this before? How much, if any, modifcation would I have to do to either the car or the seats. All help is welcome.
  7. General Talk
    Anyone know where to get them....I know Canada. I mean websites? numbers? etc....anything. If anyone lives in Canada could you get a price from the dealer or something. Thanks guys.
  8. General Talk
    I went to the acura web site and the dont have the rsx as a model anymore. The new rsx looks fuckin sick. if i got one i wouldnt change a thing
  9. Videos & Other Media
    I just found out this wallpapers on dont know if they are old but i like them.
1-9 of 11 Results