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  1. West
    mini-meet/photoshoot tonight... 830-900pm delmonte shopping center whole foods parking lot hit me up.. 4 7th gens goin so far. just let me know if you want to come and chill
  2. West
    to all 7th gens.. and every one else we are meeting up at home depot in seaside.(2ND seaside exit) on friday the 30th 1590 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. seaside, ca 93955 my cell is 209-595-8635 and my name is nick meet @ 830pm see you there...
  3. West
    hey 831 7th gens we want to hear from you mainly so we can all meet up. there are three of us right now but i was just curious if there was more of you.. i see alot as i drive around monterey/seaside/marina send me a pm and i will give you my cell
1-5 of 5 Results