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  1. West
    me and cleverem2 decided that we were going to meet up and do a trade for my wing, and we got to thinking, why not invite all so cals to join us, hang, look at eachothers rides, and have fun hows that sound weve decided next thursday, june 11, 2009 we are going to meet up at about 3pm...
  2. West
    havent seen any out here.
  3. Videos & Other Media
    I hope this hasnt already been posted but this vid is of em2 with kswap boosted 520hp and 11.5 quarter superrrrrr tough em2.
  4. West
    Where is the next meet/ lets set one up before the rain moves in?
  5. West
    I've seen a few around here, any on this site? Im around Salem but im at school in corvallis for now.
  6. South
    Its not really important but it got you in here if you are reading this. Me and a couple of my friends are going out to kennedale tomorrow so if any of wanna come and run or just chill and talk cars come on out
  7. General Talk
    well tonight at dinner with mom and dad. Conversating and I said how I was going to get my rims tomorrow. Dad flips out and says your not getting any. And he wants me to save money for college. So basically my ride is finished and I will miss chatting with you guys. I will still probably hang...
  8. Canada
    Any 7thgens in southern ontario??
  9. South
    Just put together a new social group for all the carolina 7thgens so come join up and rep the carolinas.
  10. Members Rides
    Just wondering if anyone here has a set of those on their car? and could you plz post pics?? im looking into getting some but just wanted to see whose rocking some already, thanks
1-10 of 10 Results