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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey, saying hey, own a mid pearl blk 4dr w/ K20A2 and Type S suspension swap. heres my car 01 4dr. K20A2 w/ RSX TypeS Tranny and suspension lowered on ClubRSX Springs. ATE Blue Brake Fluid Hawk Pads AEM Intake Civic SI 17" Rims Acura EL Sides Masking tape over the Green blink Key on my Dash...
  2. West
    This is actually my friend's brother but I thought I'd help out a friend in need!
  3. Suspension
    Anyone possibly have there OEM Stock springs for a 01+ 4DR could anyone give me a measurement of them? Just trying to compare a lowering spring to an OEM but my car was bought lowered and did not have the OEM lowering springs thanks
  4. Other Cars
    no clue if id put this here but o well i have replaced the heater core and while im doing that i figured id knock a couple other things out while im doing it pretty much im replacing all the interior in the car and got some other goodies im tired of getting in my car and seeing a blue dash...
  5. Basic Performance
    I've been looking around and was wondering if there is any catback's available for the 4DR LX besides the DC Sports one.
  6. General Talk
    Anyone ever try to put one on a 4dr? I'm trying to decide between this one and the hybrid. Any pics would be awesome.
1-6 of 6 Results