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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Figured Id start this a little early....Well, post up how your year was (you dont have to follow my format if you dont want to): The good: -Moved into an apartment with some buddies -Met a few good friends (1 is on this board :)) has grown into something I really...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    1. “Employee eats 32 vending machine items for charity” A juvenile probation officer ate one of every item in a county courthouse vending machine in one day. She consumed more than 7,000 calories and more than 300 grams of fat, eating such items as beef sticks, candy bars, Pop Tarts and potato...
  3. Events
    BONE THUGS & HARMONY (the only reason i went pretty much)
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Word of the Day for Friday, July 13, 2007 triskaidekaphobia \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun: A morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.Thirteen people, pledged to eliminate triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13, today tried to reassure American sufferers by renting a 13...
  5. Mid West
    If you have been to a Speedquest Dyno Days, you know they are BIG. As many of you might know, in the early part of 2007 Speedquest Performance in Waukegan IL. took new ownership and the New Speedquest Inc. was re-opened. As a Grand re-opening we will continue to have our famous Dyno Days, only...
  6. Events
    Shot of the whole parking lot: The Shop Suja1 Motoring: PB & a confused Jay K-Turbo EJ on the lift and Project Pepe...mmm bbq Project Pepe: Shop Cars: Jeremy's DSM: Rob's Midori K20EK Yonni's K27ITBEG Random Cars: AJ's S2K Urmil's Mugen S2K Random: Our Beloved Sponsor...
  7. Mid West
    Looks like our annual BBQ this year will be on JULY 1st. this IS the big one for the year. like the BBQ's in the past, we'll take whatever you wanna contribute but is NOT required. just don't bring drama. we provide: private property parking lot (no harassment from the po-po), food, drinks...
  8. Events
    !!!!!!! which im missing...but i figured..ill post up this when the meets done ill link up the pics......blah..bummer. but uhh just come back like later tonight at 9 pacific time and there should be sex inside 800x600 boxes
  9. Events
    Ever see a model shot a middle finger?Lmao
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    whos watching and whos going for who....GO LAKERS!!! hope they even get past round 1
  11. South
    I copyed this from for all of the Texas ppl here 01/21 - Import Face Off - Houston, TX - Gulf Greyhound Park 02/17-18 - Import Face Off - Bella Rose, LA - No Problem Raceway 03/3-4 - Spring Break Jam - South Padre, TX - Convention Center 03/10-11 -Nopi Drift - Dallas...
  12. South
    Here's the info... 4th annual IMPORT FACE-OFF: Sunday, March 25th at Red River Raceway (11am - 6pm) EVENT ACTIVITIES: Car/truck/bike show, hot body contest, 1/4 mile drag racing, burnout contest, stereo crank it up contest (Usaci double points), vendors, raffles and giveaways, Mixed...
  13. Canada
    Anybody going to this show this weekend?
  14. Events
    Not a lot of niceness this year........
  15. South
    Just curious who might be going to Enise? Its the First Test N tune of the season, and im going! woo hoo! Haven got to race there yet! So now ill be popping my cherry! Anyways Just thought i would see if anyone else might be there?
  16. Events
    Looks like this year we are being attacked by car shows/events. Its about freaking time!! The last Street Battle that me, dustin, and russ attended got rained out. Looks like we have 4 chances this year to make up for it... February 17 & 18 - Belle Rose, LA Import Face-Off March 25 -...
  17. Mid West
    I am compiling a list of upcoming events that we will be attending...including auto-x events held by cvo and wcmc, road racing at gingerman or the autobahn track and shop bbq/meet & greet/dyno days... i will continue to update this as organizations/forums/shops release schedules for 2007: MWIR...
  18. Events
    HIN San Mateo March HIN Chicago March HIN Washington, D.C. April HIN Boston April HIN Philadelphia May HIN Dallas June HIN Orlando July HIN Charlotte July HIN Los Angeles August HIN Minneapolis September HIN Seattle September HIN...
1-18 of 18 Results