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  1. Dont know where to post?
    hey guys my names javeon, this is my first time owning an em2 and also my first time using a forum, guess you can consider me a virgin. im loving the car despite the fact it doesn't have power anything, getting use to it(all prev cars had it). i have big plans for this car but i have a couple...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    As you might assume, I love this car! It has 86K miles and some needed repairs: -sway bar links & bushings replacement(front) -major oil leak needs diagnosis -right front cv joint boot ripped I want to get this car fully fixed so I can begin to pursue the fun of modding! I'll be looking for...
  3. Dont know where to post?
    I pulled the back apart to put in new rear speakers, I pulled the center console apart to put in a new CD/head unit - now the blinkers don't work. The stereo works, the speakers work, the blinkers don't. Did I forget to plug something in behind the center console? Did I bust a wire in the back...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Wussup guys, I am Alex from queens New York. I own a 2005 civic coupe and I am looking foward to getting some opinions on different thing I may or may not want to do to my car.
  5. Introduce Yourself
    hi guys i am a new member from east PA, my name is taylor and i am 18. i have a 2005 honda civic ex that i have been working on. i look forward to talking with you guys and meeting alot og new people!! Thanks!
  6. Exterior
    Hey Everyone, Before I got my EL sides, I tried searching everywhere for a DIY on these sides. Found one thread, but links no longer worked. Follow these steps and everything goes on just fine! If the skirts match your paint already you can skip this part. So here I have 1000grit wet/dry...
  7. General Talk
    I own a 2005 EM2 Automatic and i attempted to break 100mph on it for the first time and it wouldn't pass 95mph. Is there like a limitor on the car that I should know about? Also when I rev it in neutral, it peaks at 4200rpms. Why?
  8. General Talk
    So i really need a rear lip.... So what kind can i get? 01-03 rear rs lip fit? what others will fit? Help would be appreciated.
  9. General Talk
    whats needed for do an 05 front end up grade on the 01 civic coupes?
  10. General Talk
    Hey guys what scanner should I buy for my 2005 Civic ES1... I hate paying 60 bucks to get it scanned at Kragens.... does the OBD2 scanner tool work for my car or only 2002? Any Help would be appreciated.
  11. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, I look forward to contributing to your community as well using the all your resources to indulge in the car we all love.
  12. Members Rides
    Here is my stock 2005 civic sedan. :tup:
  13. Basic Performance
    anyone got photo instructions how to install headers on the a2 motor
  14. Suspension
    does anyone know any good sites ThaT show picture by picture how tO install rear camber kitS on a 2005 civic coupe.. im gettIng new tires next week soo if u guyz can help me that would be great... how to install rear camber kits on 2005 civic
1-14 of 15 Results