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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody, I'm running an '01 Civic LX Coupe 5spd. and I bought some old Anzo headlights that were sitting in the back corner of a performance shop. Got them mounted okay. The problem is that my parking lamp socket does not match up to the spot where they are supposed to go. I tried using...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, I own a 2001 Civic DX (D17A1, EM2, etc.). I've been doing a little here and there to it without jumping into anything significant/$$$. I am definitely new to JDM mods ... or cars, for that matter. ;) I am just here to learn, interact, and possibly trade/sell/purchase/acquire anything...
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  4. Introduce Yourself
    So, this is my very first post... Nice. The primary issue that I have going on with the Classic,(yes, that is what I named my 2001 Civic EX coupe) is my dying clutch. If possible, I would like to know the benefits of a lightweight flywheel, and a good-for-the-price clutch. I'm not a Honda...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I was just browsing around to find if there are more people like me who are in love with their 01 civic and I guess i came to the right place. I would like to introduce my self here and of course my car too. My name is Ishmeet born in India but lived my whole life in NY. Cars and...
  6. Suspension
    2001 EX coupe. I've been having clunking from the front end since I got the car about 6 months ago. I just (yesterday) got my car back from the shop (1 week and $600), I had them put in an Energy Suspension kit. Sway bar bushings, front and rear. LCA bushings front and rear. This is what I had...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hey all just introducing myself since im new to this forum. I am a part of as well but i was hearing that this site is a little more lively. I picked up my 2001 LX sedan back in January after moving back to CONUS after living in Naples, Italy for the last 3 years (USN). I got...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    any one from sacraemnto area willing to help out with a 01 to 04 cluster swap? :sadwavey::x::dunno: i fried my 01 clsuter and need to put in a new cluster so i fig if i gotta get a new cluster.. why not a 04 2dr ex cluster swap. if you can PM me or Aim or Yahoo me.... Thanx!!!
  9. Electrical
    My cluster lights keep blowing out in the one corner, the temp. side. I replaced the bulbs thinking thinking the bulb went bad then the new ones blew in like 2 days. what could be the problem what should I check.
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm a new comer from Indonesia so if there's a lot of mistakes in my english please understand... hehehehehe :wave: I need comment and guidance... :laugh: This is my daily used car, later will keep updating any changes, since it's not completed build. Just upgrade the internal part, and...
  11. Introduce Yourself
    My name is Dennis and I have a black 2001 Civic LX Coupe. Im on clubrsx & as aznskaterboy. Used to be on 7thgencivic as aznskaterboy aswell. Last pic is the most recent pic of the civic, hard to get new pics since im in Iraq lol. Im currently in the progress of doing a k20a2/peakboost...
  12. Introduce Yourself
    I have a 2001 civic ex Coupe in Rally Red...Pic to be posted soon. the car is stock automatic. No work done to it yet but soon to have.. 2" drop w/springs (not coilovers).. Powder coated black EX rims, 5%tint,JDM Front Halos in black or carbon fiber, After market tail lights ( Altezza black)...
  13. Mechanical Problems
    so I came up on this site by accident, and I have to say I am HOOKED. lol moving on lol Is this a safe buy?? 2001 honda civic ex Body has 200,000 miles on it Mechanic bought it off a customer; originally had 200k head gasket blew. Had cracked windshield; replaced windshield. Had a fender ding...
  14. Members Rides
    You can add my crew myspace at visit our site [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  15. Mechanical Problems
    Here is what happened to me the other day. I was driving, I got into it, hit second, fine, then went to third and I missed and went into first. Rpm's went to about 8500-9000. Thought for sure the motor was gone. It was fine though. But what I am now hearing is a whining sound from the tranny for...
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    Any feedback will be nice.
  17. Suspension
    I did a search on this and didn't find any threads or posts. Is anyone currently running or has previously run the Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers?! For the 2001 & 2002 Civics, the Eibach website has it as Kit#: 4051.711 Given the Eibach reputation, I would assume that these Coilovers are of...
  18. Members Rides
    Here's the Links for the Picturs/Mods LINK Positive/Negative comments are Welcome
  19. Members Rides
    Hey Guys, I found out about this website just searching for information on the EM2. I currently own a 2001 Civic EX with 251xx miles on it. VERY low mileage. :tup: Engine: K&N FIPK Intake GReddy Evo2 Cat-Back Exhaust Suspension/Tires: Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs Falken Ziex 512...
1-19 of 20 Results