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  1. West enjoy
  2. General Talk
    I own a 2005 EM2 Automatic and i attempted to break 100mph on it for the first time and it wouldn't pass 95mph. Is there like a limitor on the car that I should know about? Also when I rev it in neutral, it peaks at 4200rpms. Why?
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Alright I have no idea what this is so maybe you guys can give me some ideas. Just recently at around 130,000 miles my ex started making a sort-of pinging/ humming/ tapping sound at around 3,000-3,200rpms. It hasn't gotten louder and I dont feel any effect from it but Im not sure what it is...
  4. Off-Topic
    Congrats guys, we've reached 100 members! And it only took how many days.... 11? Good job Chris and all the moderators.
1-4 of 4 Results