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  1. Drag
    I know we already have a "Best 1/4 Times" Thread, but its a pain in the ass looking through all the posts and comparing runs. So, I came up with this layout. I copied everything I could figure out from the other thread to this one. If you have any corrections or updates just post a reply and...
  2. General Talk
    well on 7psi my best time was a 14.4 at 99.7mph on street tires the reast of the night i ran 14.6 - 14.5 consistantly. will post pic of slip later in the day
  3. Drag
    Lets make a clean layout on what people having been running at the tracks. Done on my old setup. Its been sometime since i've made it out to the track. Mods Simoto Intake dc race header hks axleback zex 75 shot Best time was a [email protected] w/ a 2.4 60ft.
  4. Videos & Other Media
  5. Drag
    But anyways just a little taste: And a few videos. took me a min to figure out how to drive, and find out some good setting for my tires and suspension but i think i finally worked it out! First run 14.4:
1-5 of 5 Results