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  1. Electrical
    I've been looking for a decent price on these forever now and I found what looks to be a good site. Best price i've found so far at least for new ones. All around good for basic stock parts in general it seems although I havent bought from them yet...
  2. General Talk
    Hey guys, Its been a long time since i last posted. I traded my Inca Pearl EM2 for a 1994 B16a2 Turbo Del Sol. About 3 weeks later it was stolen from me at my place of work back in Michigan. Since then i have moved from Michigan to Minnesota and now work for a company called Modern Automotive...
  3. General Talk
    anybody have any of the front sides and rear? trying to decide which kit to get and i wanna see good pics of this one thanks
  4. General Talk
    so i searched forever but nothing. has anybody painted their 05 SE rims? im debating if i should do it or not but wanna see it first.... ???
  5. General Talk
    what all is needed besides fenders headlights hood bumper grill fogs someone said something about the headlights need a bracket or something is it just bolt and go?
  6. General Talk
    Do those bumpers have the front license plate molded in like the 01-03's do?
  7. Members Rides
    well finally got around to putting it thought id do a quick shoot. i need to get the front and sides looks like shit unpainted. oh yea the rear lip is a 04-05 oem hfp( i think or hondas aero lip). comments are welcome. and hybrid wing coming in about a week from hayward...
  8. Members Rides
    Installed my ebay fogs today! Took some pics along the way... wired them into the parking lights with my blue jdm tape :rofl::rofl:....... Some goop to seal the edges... tadaaaaa..... Just thought i'd share, did a photoshoot too, i'll put those pics up in a bit. :tup:
  9. Members Rides
    I figured I would start one of my own since I'm now starting to get some progress done with the car. First: Then: Wheels installed - April 14th 2009: Daytime pics - April 15th, 2009: The full shoot of those day and night pictures can be found here...
  10. Members Rides
    Hi, I was wondering what the OEM 04-05 aero kit is made out of? Polyeruthane? plastic? fiberglass? Thanks.
  11. General Talk
    I'm thinking about getting a lip today but i dont know which to get I heard the 00-99 si type r lip fits our cars, is this true? Are the 04-05 ones realy big or no? And is this the correct 00-99 lip
  12. General Talk
    Hey fellow civic drivers, just had a couple questions. first, besides the front lights and bumpers, what's the diff between the 01-03 models and the 04 n 05? the interior seems to be the same. any diff in the performance? second, do all ex models come with v-tec?
  13. General Talk
    if so, will my exhaust be affected at all?
  14. South
    For anyone in the DFW area, I am wanting to trade my 17" Motegi FF7's for 04-05 Fat Five's, plus cash on your part. (looking for something with decent tires). The tires on the 17's maybe have 30-40% on them. What I have: What I want: I will also consider any 16's you have. Let me know if...
  15. South
    i just saw a silver 04-05 em2 in palm bay florida delivering pizza for either dominoes or pizza hut he had rims, a drop, and lip kit im pretty sure it was front/rear/+sides but it was dark out so i could not see, his car was very clean and i was wondering if it was anyones on here...
  16. Electrical
    See subject. In doing my 04-05 conversion I have discovered that 01-03 Civics use different turn signal sockets and clips than 04-05 Civics. So I need to order new wiring pigtails but have no idea what ISO size they are be able to find them. Here's the socket in question. No I can't just swap...
  17. Electrical
    I need to know what is the name of the computer that has the cruise control brake sensor,steering switch, and the device that actually connected to the throttle camble? i was told it right above ur left foot or caddy corner to the hood levear.
  18. Members Rides
    does anyone have a pic of it that they can easily access? i tried going back to the pages of 01-03 civics but they just have too much talk and so little pix... couldnt find it. The one i wanted to see was the white 01-03 civic that was parked on a sidewalk with the 04-05 rear bumper w/ sides...
  19. General Talk
    So for those 04-05 civic body lovers, but have a 01-03 front..... why not convert? Besides money.... arent the procedures buying 04-05 fenders, hood, and headlights? maybe some slight modification to the chassis, but nothing that you cant do with a hammer..... can it be done? anyone try this...
  20. Electrical
    So I've been searching if anyone ever did a write up on putting city lights in an 04-05 headlight housing, and I failed to find one. I know the wiring is pretty self explanatory (I just want to connect it to my parking lights), but I am unsure on where exactly to drill the hole. Many DC2s and...
1-20 of 41 Results