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  1. Suspension
    For those of you who followed my last thread will know that i had my front control arms dropped off at a machine shop to have bushings pressed in. Well, i got the arms back in today and to say the least have been very satisfied with the result of the labor put forth. Overall the feel of the...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    is all the windows the same for the passenger window for the 2drs? can i use the 01-03 window for the 04-05? i was driving on the freeway and it just shatters like night of the roxbery style lol. i thought i was getting shot at..ahh and does it matter if the donor car is non power windows?
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Im changing my broken stud from the front and need some assisstance...i've have already taken off the rotor, and the next step is hammering the stud out, but once i hit the stud it wouldn't move, its stuck somehow....any suggestion..????
  4. Mechanical Problems
    I have a 02 civic that need the back rear studs to be changed and was wondering if anyone can guide me to changing it.....thanks....
  5. Basic Performance lmfao fixed.
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Hello I was wondering if the RSX type S oem muffler would fit on our civic wit out any problem ???
  7. West
    Look to the bottom right of this page:
  8. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm new to this gaff, i'm Andy from England. A couple of you might know who i am from HT or 7thgen. Anyway, i've got an 03 SSM coupe with juat a couple of mods so far. Just gonna go and have a look around and see what's what here... i didn't even know this site existed until about...
  9. General Talk
    does anybody know of a game for the ps2 wich has our civics in it?????? i was really disapointed to try grand turismo 4 and see all the f**kin cars in there and no civic like ours, they only had the hatch and older civics. whats the deal, they can have all sorts of small shitty cars with no...
1-10 of 17 Results