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  1. General Talk
    does our keys have a chip in it, my car only came with one so i need to have one or two made, can i have just a copy made or do i need to go through honda??
  2. General Talk
    Hey fellow civic drivers, just had a couple questions. first, besides the front lights and bumpers, what's the diff between the 01-03 models and the 04 n 05? the interior seems to be the same. any diff in the performance? second, do all ex models come with v-tec?
  3. Interior
    ok to start this diy i would like to say this is my first diy so give me a little break if its not too good. and i kno my car is dirty lol. and secondly i wouldnt really recommend anyone going out and buying 96-00 civic brackets for racing seats to fit to our cars, because it was time consuming...
  4. South
    since my k20 blew i wont be painting the car anytime soon so imma sell my 2 items i have. ive had both items for about 6 months now and never put it on. i live in tampa, fl. wont ship items. i dont have the boxes. fla residents only. brand new vis racing mugen style cf front lip for 01-03...
  5. General Talk
    I just wanted to post this thread to show some of you guys that a 92-95 civic lip does fit 01-03 civics? One of my buddy had a spoon lip lying around his garage, it was for his 92 dx. I decide to try it on my civic somehow pretty kool it fit without major mod.... Here some pic of it...
  6. Electrical & Lighting
    Alright, so before I start anything, do this at your own risk. If you get electrocuted and go sterile, it's not my fault. The purpose of this is for those of us with 01-03 headlight wiring that have either A) Gone bi-xenon HID and are using a relay harness off the stock H4 connector or B) Have...
  7. General Talk
    tell me your mileage and tell me only if you haven't had any problems. thanks
  8. Members Rides
    does anyone have a pic of it that they can easily access? i tried going back to the pages of 01-03 civics but they just have too much talk and so little pix... couldnt find it. The one i wanted to see was the white 01-03 civic that was parked on a sidewalk with the 04-05 rear bumper w/ sides...
  9. General Talk
    So for those 04-05 civic body lovers, but have a 01-03 front..... why not convert? Besides money.... arent the procedures buying 04-05 fenders, hood, and headlights? maybe some slight modification to the chassis, but nothing that you cant do with a hammer..... can it be done? anyone try this...
  10. General Talk
    Just wanted to confirm this...... anyone notice the tailights for 01-03 civic.... even though (in my opinion) the 04-05 tailights are nicer, and Honda messed up on the 01-03 tailights.... the 01-03 tailights have more meaning, since when you break, or turn on the lights, there is the C of civic...
  11. Electrical & Lighting
    this diy should take 10-30 mins, depending on experience. difficulty level is 1 out of 10. OVERVIEW the 04-05 honda civic tail lamps look much cooler and everyone wants them, but the size of the signal bulb is much smaller on the 04-05, as oppose to the 01-03. there are many ways this problem...
  12. General Talk
    is the 04-05 rear bumper a direct bolt on to the 01-03??
  13. General Talk
    Just wondering why none of the 01-03 ppl are running the el front ends. or trunks or if anyone wanted to i thing they look really nice and their different.
  14. General Talk
    I came across this when I was browsing on E-Bay, there new to me look pretty close to stockers. LINK Anyone ever seen these before? I think they look pretty cool minus the flashy LED's.
  15. General Talk
    I've came across 05s rockin the 01-03 grill..does it really fit??
  16. Suspension
    i bought some and tried to put them on and the sleeve wouldnt fit over the strut, just wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem before
  17. General Talk
    Working with the guy right now to see if he'll part out this car: Ebay Honda Civic salvage car No promises yet, nor any idea of price, but I just wanted to put it out there. It's got folding side mirrors, but looks like the passenger side (US driver side) mirror is fubar'd. I'll update here as...
  18. Basic Performance
    Are the O2 sensors different in 04-05 vs 01-03? I remember reading something about that on the Hondata website (K-pro for D17). I have 02 sensors from a 01 that I was planning to use on my 04. Will I get some problem? or a CEL?
  19. Exterior
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1-20 of 25 Results